Manley Report

 Independent Panel on Canada's Future Role in Afghanistan

As the date (2009) for Canada's withdrawal or extension loomed, Prime Minister Harper ordered an "independent, non-partisan" panel to clarify Canada's mission and role in Afghanistan and make recommendations whether to continue our mission, change our mission or leave. Since its release on January 22, 2008, The recommendations of the Manley Report have been accepted by the Harper and then shopped around NATO to find the support to continue the combat mission. Facing a vote of confidence on the issue of continuing the Afghan mission to 2011, the Liberals have tried to find an acceptable compromise.

The need for public opinion is as great now as it was before the invasion of Iraq. Canadians need to make their voices heard all the way to Ottawa and beyond. We need to respond. You can read articles from the media by Googling "Manley Report". The Manley Report is online and can be downloaded at You may be interested to read some of the submissions (not part of the report). Can you find any attempt to honour the concerns of Canadians who took the time to make submissions? If you prefer a condensed version


In the navigation on the left are articles that question the "independence" of the panel and indeed the political agenda of the touted non-partisan study.


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